Other modalities may "treat," but Chinese herbs cure! If you were trained in Chinese herbal medicine but are not fully utilizing it in clinic, or if you want to advance your proficiency, this course is for you. The full potential of Chinese herbs IS curative for many stubborn, chronic diseases: auto-immune, allergic, respiratory, digestive and gynecologic.

After some time in practice, we know to ask the good questions that a novice cannot; we see that the neat TCM patterns we were taught in school are not always so clear-cut; and we wish we could revisit herbal medicine classes with our newfound experience. This course will bridge the gap between theory and practice with an engaged teaching style and a 'clinical translation' of herbal treatment principles.

This course will emphasize clinically useful and practical applications of classical herbs and formulas.


The essential 150 herbs of TCM will be reviewed with a focus on relevance in the Western clinic. We will group individual herbs in their traditional categories such as "Release exterior", but also regroup them according to often-overlooked secondary functions ("Raise qi"), so that we remember not to pigeon - hole medicinals. Modern research findings will be included.


Understanding and becoming familiar with classical formulas gives us the ability to be confidently 'nimble' in the clinic. You will be able to choose the right course of treatment for the patient, rather than trying to make a complicated case fit into the few formulas that you remember. As my own teacher used to say: "When all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail!"

The formulas module will cover 70 - 100 classical formulas, and include some of the more interesting modern 'patents' of companies such as Golden Flower and Blue Poppy.


  • Clinical and diagnostic 'hints' will be given along the way to make the material immediately useful.
  • Raw herb samples will be provided.
  • We will make sure we fully understand the terminology (where, and what, exactly IS 'Wind-Damp' anyway?)
  • Is taste classification important and why?
  • Circular learning: we will refer to relevant formulas during the Materia Medica module and review single herbs during the Formulas module.

I fell in love with Chinese herbs while studying with Dr. David Bray at the Institue of Chinese Herbal Therapy. Over more than a decade of practice, this love has lead to an ever deepening sense of awe at the effectiveness, genius and complexity of TCM. I believe passionately that this medicine must be protected and preserved, and the best way to do so is to use it fully and use it well.

To this end, I have published countless articles in Vitality and Alive magazines, taught, lectured, and most recently, exhibited "The Art of Medicine," a display of Chinese herbs, as part of Nuit Blanche 2007. For a more detailed bio, please visit


Adina Stanescu is my practitioner of choice when I need to consult about Chinese medicinal herbs. She is passionate about her art and truly gifted. She has a great deal to offer, not only to her patients, but also to other practitioners who want to expand their knowledge.
Kate Kent, Dipl. Ac., C.H. (NCCAOM)
Acupuncture Program Director Shiatsu School of Canada.

As teacher, Adina Stanescu was very knowledgeable and clear in her presentation of information. She was extremely organized and answered questions clearly, following up with research when applicable. Adina presented information in interesting and interactive ways to deepen understanding and make it more memorable.
Lisa Dowling Lic AC.

Adina Stanescu's wealth of clinical experience is what sets her apart from other teachers. The lessons I learned from her have been invaluable to my practice.
Chris di Tecco D.Ac, D.TCM.


MATERIA MEDICA: One full weekend per month for 4 months beginning in October 2008, exact dates TBA on June 15.

FORMULAS: One full weekend per month for 4 months beginning in February 2009, exact dates TBA on June 15.


MATERIA MEDICA - Before JULY 25, $1100.00 + GST After JULY 25, $1295 + GST

FORMULAS - Before NOVEMBER 25, $1100.00 + GST After NOVEMBER 25, $1295 + GST

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